Thursday, 10 November 2011

Intro and some background info for ya's...

Due to the fact that I have never before “blogged” I do not have any idea how this will flow, how often I will update, or how well my blog will sound (it’s quite an intimidating thing in my opinion to write about your life in a manner that will entertain all who read it). However, my desire is to use this to update everyone on what all the Lord is doing around me, through me, and in me. 
So here we go…
Sunday night August 21, 2011 I boarded a plain from San Francisco, CA to Auckland, New Zealand. After a 13 hour plain ride, a 5 hour wait for my bus, and then a 4 1/2 hour bus ride from Auckland to Rotorua, I finally ended up in my new hometown of Rotorua, New Zealand. :)
Now as for those of you who do not know what exactly I am doing in New Zealand here’s the 411. I am interning at a Christian Bible college here in New Zealand. What that fully means and entails…I am still finding out. For a bit of brief history of how I got connected and involved in this begins with my journey to Calvary Chapel’s Bible College in Vajta, Hungary from fall 2008-spring 2010. In my time spent there I met a lovely family, the Walsh’s. Between my first and second year there they moved to New Zealand to start a Bible College which is now known as Calvary Chapel Bible Institute (CCBI), and we are about to begin their third semester. 
Although I had always wanted to go to New Zealand and help out the fellowship and ministries down here, I never thought it would be possible, because of finances, leaving family and friends, trying to finish up school and get a degree so I could establish myself in this world, etc.. Yet through a friend’s encouragement I seriously began praying for an opportunity to come and serve out here. After some time of seeking the Lord and praying, I sent an e-mail out asking if there was a need and the Lord quickly opened the door and allowed me to be here. And even though I have not yet been here a week, I do think it was one of the best decisions of my life and biggest blessings the Lord has ever given me. I cannot even begin to express how in awe I am that the Lord has brought me to this place, and also how thankful I am to just be a part of His work here. 
SO, that is a very brief explanation of what all is going on in my life as of late. I will post another entry shortly just to share the awesome things that are already going on thus far. 
But until then, farewell, may the Lord bless you all (especially those of you who actually read this all), and keep you, and make His face to shine upon you.

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